Duane Miller

Boasting over nearly three decades as a real estate appraiser and consultant, Duane V. Miller brings unmatched expertise to his work with Monteagle. Although his roots lie in real estate appraisal, he has a diverse understanding of several niche areas. He brings passion and integrity to every project he touches.

In-Depth Real Estate Appraisal Knowledge

Intrigued by the real estate industry at an early age, Duane began his career at just 18, performing appraisals throughout Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. He quickly earned a reputation for diligence and a willingness to tackle any job.

Duane has earned several degrees and credentials over the years, including an Associate in Science in Business Administration from Gainesville College and inclusion in the FHA National Register.

Duane is currently certified as a general real estate appraiser in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina. He’s completed well over 200 hours of appraisal-based continuing education, covering everything from commercial investment appraisal to capitalization rates. Furthermore, he has significant experience in commercial and residential banking. His work in banking equipped him for the challenges of business ownership, while also granting him a more accurate understanding of the appraisal process.

Real Estate Problem Solving and Conservation Efforts

During his tenure in real estate, Duane achieved a reputation for his uncanny ability to solve complex industry problems. As the owner and operator of Integrity Appraisal Management Co., he’s performed commercial analyses for investors, builders, and developers. He eventually shifted his focus to mining valuation and conservation easements, participating in over 130 conservation projects. His efforts paved the path to conservation for thousands of acres throughout the United States.

Duane draws endless inspiration from his mentor Thomas D. Willhite, who famously claimed, “the only true way to gauge a man is by his results, often harsh but always fair.” His results speak for themselves, and he’s confident that his clients will emerge satisfied with the investment strategies laid out by Monteagle.