Many of Monteagle’s investors wish to earn returns on properties’ mineral deposits. Developed or held land may feature oil, shale, limestone, or rocks that can be refined for commodity minerals. Compliance with stringent federal and state regulations ensure full safety, minimal environmental impact, and ethical extraction of valuable natural resources.

Monteagle’s Approach to Development

Detailed research and analysis ensure that all property acquired by Monteagle’s investors promotes exceptional ROI. Eric MacLeod and Duane Miller maintain a “no shortcuts allowed” approach, exploring every possibility and concern thoroughly to determine each parcel’s best usage and the prospective yield. First, Monteagle determines whether land can legally or physically be targeted for development. From there, detailed research indicates whether development would be financially prudent.

Regardless of the final strategy pursued, Monteagle recognizes that each property’s profits belong to its owners. Investors are presented with detailed information and thoroughly-researched projections. This approach allows for full accuracy in natural resource projections. Investors can rest assured, knowing their land will generate significant value via mineral commodities—or knowing that a profitable alternative exists.

Mining and natural resource development opportunities abound throughout the state of Alabama. Due diligence is needed, however, to ensure maximum return on investment and minimal environmental repercussions. Monteagle promotes investor confidence while going above and beyond industry standards.