The desire for maximized profits and conservation need not oppose one another. With Monteagle Ventures, Duane Miller and Eric MacLeod have found a way to maintain their commitment to a cleaner and greener Earth, while still developing resources and generating considerable profit for investors.

Sustainable Development

Monteagle holds true to the concept of sustainable development, in which visionaries meet the needs of current populations while also conserving resources for the next generation. Sustainable developers and investors strive to integrate economic prosperity with ethical and eco-friendly practices. In addition to abiding by all federal and state regulations, they go above and beyond in the interest of stewardship.

Commitment to Conservation

Duane and Eric attribute their shared passion for conservation to a deep love of nature and spending time outdoors. Adventure lies at the heart of Duane’s numerous outings in the Blue Ridge Mountains. He spends his spare time fishing, camping, skiing, and strolling through the woods. Eric also enjoys his precious time in the great outdoors; he was a pro kayaker with Aquabound in Vancouver, and he continues to pursue outdoor adventures whenever possible. His commitment to conservation was also sparked by his undergraduate studies in biology, and his brief work as a marine and freshwater biology teacher at the Darlington School in Rome, Georgia.

In completing due diligence, Monteagle strives to listen to the land. Occasionally, property demonstrates attributes worthy of protection—attributes that would quickly be destroyed upon exercising Monteagle’s development option. Regardless of the chosen route, Monteagle conducts all strategies with long-term ecological consequences in mind. This means hewing to environmental standards with held or developed property, or setting aside parcels for conservation efforts, when warranted.

Investors who work with Monteagle can rest easy, knowing that all development will be carried out in an ethical and sustainable manner, while still generating substantial returns.