About Us

Committed to ethical, eco-friendly natural resource development, Monteagle Ventures simultaneously prioritizes profitability and conservation. Founded by Duane Miller and Eric MacLeod, MD, the company analyzes investment property carefully in the interest of strategic usage. All valuations and strategies are rooted in and supported by the tenets of highest and best use.

Monteagle’s Vision: Three Paths

Monteagle’s investors follow one of three main approaches: mining, holding, or conservation. Each strategy holds distinct benefits, and each allows investors to take advantage of the property’s unique attributes. The team at Monteagle understands that each parcel differs considerably, and that a strategy that makes sense for one situation or location could be a complete disaster for another.

Monteagle researches natural resources and market trends thoroughly to ensure selection of the smartest strategy for each real estate investment. Investors receive detailed feedback regarding available mineral commodities, attributes warranting conservation efforts, and potential for long-term appreciation.

Thorough Research

With backgrounds in medical research and real estate appraising, Duane and Eric delve into each project with zeal. They search thoroughly for evidence to back conclusions presented to prospective investors. Intense financial analyses ultimately reveal the full range of options, and which are most appropriate given a particular property’s most valuable attributes.

An Exceptional Team

Duane and Eric believe that professionals are only as good as the team that surrounds them. Monteagle’s founders may come from different professional backgrounds, but they share a common commitment to value and stewardship.

Dedicated to excellence in all acquisition, development, and conservation strategies, Monteagle extracts the greatest possible value while minimizing environmental impact. Shared integrity, passion, and detail-oriented research produce accurate valuations and consistent results for all investors.